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All in Real-time

Monday, September 13th, 2010

trend cloud

Real-time search is one of the hottest new tools in the digital space, further cemented by Facebook’s jump onto the social search bandwagon with real-time search engine company, Wowd and Google’s new destination for real-time search. Although real-time web is an exciting new movement that has redefined the landscape of search, it doesn’t come without its flaws.

Twitter has had to implement “trend curation” to keep an influx of buzz tweets on topics like Justin Bieber or the Jonas Brothers off their trending list by changing their trends algorithm. Trending’s purpose is to deliver the latest news on the most talked about topics, not topics of teenage obsession.

Facebook’s new search collaboration with Wowd gives users the option to construct custom feeds, game spam blocking, one-click summaries, favorite friends, and social search. Categorization is an important feature that could prove to be the success of Wowd + Facebook search; however, it is meant to be a specific search on the friends you care about. Twitter, on the other hand, pulls topics from all across the Twitterverse making the power of trending topics much greater, given that they monitor and curate the feed with relevant information. In removing topics that show up just because of constant mention in tweets, such as LAX or train stations, new hot spots could be revealed such as restaurants or a new gallery. If Twitter implements more categorizations as well, trends could become the number one go-to guide for a live feed of the hottest people, places, and news in a city furthering evolving the landscape of real-time search.



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