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MindSharing Love

Friday, February 19th, 2010

How do Dreamworks nerds and Nokia researchers analyze love? At last night’s amorous-themed MindShare, Jason Porath from Dreamworks Animation presented how he asked a girl out via PowerPoint backed by statistical data. Jan Chipchase took us around the world exploring how different countries sell and advertise libido products. We ended the night merging with our Internet personalities through the Cloud Mirror, an augmented reality art piece that digs out your Internet dirt when you step in front of its screen.

Another successful night of enlightened debauchery.

Let’s MindShare

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Today our friend Adam, one of the founders of MindShare, invited us to come to their event. MindShare is an underground night of “enlightened debauchery” where the keenest of innovative thought followers go to learn about topics like Twitter/Facebook Dating, Gestural Interfaces, Bizarre Christmas Traditions – you get the picture.

We really enjoyed Steen Strand’s talk from ICON Aircraft where he gave us a glimpse of what future personal aviation might look like. During the talks, people could text their thoughts to the stage, which got especially interesting during Charu’s talk on tantric meditation.

Take a deserted warehouse in downtown LA, throw in some interesting people, and a taco truck, and you’ve got a MindShare.




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