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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Last summer the crew spent several days at Hello conducting interviews and shooting footage for Creative Inspirations, their documentary series. The documentary captures the history of Hello to what our agency has grown into today – sharing our work, space, and philosophies that are the driving force behind our love for creating experiences that continue to grow and evolve with our industry.’s mission is to provide the tools needed to help people reach their creative and career goals. Creative Inspirations is part of’s courses that aims to re-energize and inspire creatives by interviewing top creative professionals and sharing how they think, work, and reached the pinnacle of their respective fields. We are honored to be included in this series featuring exemplary individuals and companies’ in all the creative walks of life. Watch the full documentary here.

Lynda’s Creative Inspirations

Thursday, August 26th, 2010 Creative Inspirations Creative Inspirations Creative Inspirations

We spent the past few days with an excellent crew from who have been interviewing and filming us at our agency for their documentary series, Creative Inspirations. As one of the most reputable online destinations for software tutorials and creative inspiration, shares many of our philosophies and believes knowledge is power and technology should be accessible to everyone. Oftentimes we’ve been very inspired by the stories on, and we’re honored to share our story with fellow creatives in the industry. It’s been a real treat working with the Lynda crew. Stay tuned for the release of the documentary this fall.



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