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UFO Sighting

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

We’ve been working on some conceptual ideas for mobile phones. This demo movie shows a mobile phone concept we worked on in collaboration with the Kyocera design team, where the entire phone surface, including the edges, becomes a functioning space. Called UFO, which stands for User Friendly Object, the concept movie debuted at CTIA Wireless this year at the Kyocera showcase along with a model of the actual phone.

Kyocera UFO lands at CTIA

Friday, March 26th, 2010

We’re back from CTIA Wireless where our concept movie for Kyocera’s UFO (User Friendly Object), was displayed in the Kyocera showcase.

To all smartphone users, the screen is of utmost importance. Users obsess over screen protectors, or brag about LCD technology and larger screens because that is where all functions take place. What if we didn’t need to rely on just the screen?

Our UFO concept explores the idea of a touch-sensitive, illuminated bezel that can be customized for interactions and functions. Most users can relate to the annoyance of a pop-up menu taking up the screen while using an application. By making the bezel a functional space that complements and extends upon the phone’s screen, users see the information they want clearly, with no clutter.  App-specific functions such as a camera shutter or zoom can be controlled by intuitively touching highlighted areas of the bezel.

Thinking past the restrictive screen and exploring the entire physical aspect of a phone could enhance the future of mobile interaction.



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