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Go, Kart, Go!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

k1 speed

We went go kart racing at K1 Speed today. Instead of gas-powered karts, they use electric ones that can accelerate up to 45 mph! Helmets were required, which was good because at one point Hiro’s car ended up on top of David’s. Luckily with the flip of a switch, they can stop the karts so no one gets hurt.

k1 speed

I guess we really needed these helmets.

After the first race Abbey said, “I’m hugging the corners so I don’t get hit. I don’t want to die!” but by lap 10 she was going full throttle. Congrats to the winners circle!

k1 speed

Heat 1: Justin took 1st, Erich 2nd, and George 3rd.

k1 speed

Heat 2: Szu Ann took 1st, Eunice 2nd, and Jacky 3rd.



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