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On The Road Again

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Tillamook recently kicked off its third consecutive Loaf Love Tour. Touring the country in custom, bright orange VW buses, Tillamook is on a mission to bring “Tasty Cheese to the People!” and this year Hello brought this experience to life online. Here visitors can view the schedule, see photos with fans and the latest news from the Loaf Love Tour. Hello also created a new iPad app to streamline the event experience. The app allows brand ambassadors on tour to quickly take photos and capture email sign-ups. The photos appear on the site in real time and fans can socially share the loaf love with friends and family everywhere. Find out if the Loaf Love Tour is stopping in your neighborhood!

Bringing tasty cheese to the people!

Learn more about the Tillamook fleet of VW buses.

The Tillamook brand ambassador’s new best friend: the iPad app takes photos, uploads to the site and quickly captures emails.

First in Line

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

iPadPlaying with the iPad at Hello.

The iPad is out and we’ve got two. Our test drives of the devices are generating a lot of new ideas for prototyping to take advantage of features like multi-touch, proximity sensors, and a larger screen. Stay tuned for updates.

Can’t Judge a Book With No Cover

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Today's CoverSpy feed on what New Yorkers are reading.

We follow CoverSpy on Twitter, a group who describes themselves as “a team of publishing nerds who hit the subways, streets, parks & bars to find out what New Yorkers are reading now.”

Most people get their reading list through recommendations. Friends, family, or even Oprah, share what they’ve read and liked, which people automatically add to the list of “books to read.” CoverSpy takes this to the next level and tweets book titles with brief stats on readers, including gender, age, physical attributes, and what type of transportation they were spotted reading.

With e-books like the Kindle and the new iPad that’s coming out this Saturday, readers can no longer cover spy. E-books make that virtually impossible. CoverSpy’s tweets on Kindle books currently read, “Title Unknown, Author Unknown (F, 20s, mehndi on hands, fuchsia scarf, Q train).”

For people who still like knowing what others are reading, we imagine an application will be developed that addresses this problem. Perhaps an app that motivates readers to share books they’re reading in real time. Or maybe something similar to Amazon’s buyer behavior for readers, a list that shows who have read which books, and what other books they enjoy. Whatever the case, sharing is a huge component of social media, and books are one of America’s oldest forms of sharing.



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