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140 Character Photography

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Helms District

Helms Art District across the street. Photo taken with the Instagram app.

We’ve now reached an age where professional grade cameras can be purchased for as little as under $2000, which people are referring to as the HDSLR movement. As manufacturers continue to produce high quality tools, creatives and enthusiasts alike are empowered to invest in professional equipment and create compelling content of their own. This content then takes on various forms digitally as people tweet, blog, or post their work on Facebook, tumblr, Flickr, or YouTube.

Not only are professional cameras getting a facelift, but companies are also investing in photo applications for mobile devices, sometimes developing for a mobile app before the website. Letting mobile take priority makes sense as sharing and real-time become more and more important. Many users enjoy taking on-the-spot photos conveniently with their phones because it integrates being part of a social network. Many photo apps alter mobile photos with functions like color pop where users can apply certain “actions” to make their phone photos look better.

Applications like PicPlz, Path, and Instagram have a lot of potential to become powerful tools because they create better quality photos incorporated with real-time sharing and a geolocation tag. By combining location, real-time, and quality media these applications are in a different league than older players like Photobucket or even Flickr. Because the users of today are interested in getting information instantly and all the time, these photo applications are following in the footsteps of social networks like Twitter, where a constant stream of feed is being processed, but is ripe with high quality photos. People are now given the opportunity to share their stories in a rich, interactive way, even if they are told in short snippets of 140 characters or a photo taken with a phone.



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