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FITC San Francisco

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Last week we were in San Francisco, the heart of the Flash world, for the FITC conference. We met with top Flash developers and designers, gaining inspiration and releasing our inner nerds as we explored new directions in Flash. Despite the Apple and Adobe controversies, we’re excited to see Flash heading into the mobile space. We’re always looking for the best tools and innovations to inform and improve our work for clients — and how to continuously push the potential of Flash.


Eugene Zatepyakin explaining how Adobe Flash can be used for efficient object recognition.


CTO of Adobe, Kevin Lynch, announcing Adobe’s direction towards mobile.


The audience in Colin Moock’s panel playing Bunny Blaster through his Megaphone technology.

Our attention was grabbed by Seb Lee-Delisle, founding partner at Plug-in Media, and his talk, Space Invading. He presented past projects incorporating 3D into games and public art installations using tools such as webcam motion detection and massive projectors. Grant Skinner’s presentation was one of the most inspiring on how he stays excited about Flash and is constantly picking small projects that help him explore different areas of Flash during times of procrastination. Colin Moock introduced us to MegaPhone, a technology he created to enable users to build simple chats or connect a mobile phone to a game running on a public screen.

It’s always exciting to see what our friends in the field are coming up with.



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