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The Dot Revolution

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Having a true change in performance never hurt the industry.” – Ken Salsman, Director of new technologies at Aptina

We have to agree, and we’re excited to read that InVisage is developing a semiconductor called the quantum dot that could upgrade a three-megapixel iPhone camera to 12-megapixels, improving quality up to four times, especially in low light. Photos taken at night will no longer be misshapen blurs, not to mention our social media lives will become much easier.

One of our favorite cameras, the Canon S90, takes excellent shots in low light. The downside is it’s a heavy load in the pocket. Incorporating a high-quality camera into our phones is an overdue and much-needed upgrade for convenience. We’re looking forward to having high-quality blog photos come straight from our phones – it would take mobile blogging to the next level.

canon s90 and iphone



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