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Our Object of Affection: The Bone Crusher

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

We love dinosaurs and so we couldn’t resist sponsoring the T.Rex tooth at the NHM, called the Bone Crusher for its serrated shape and assistance in helping the dinosaur crush bone. If you find yourself roaming the Dinosaur Hall anytime soon, check out the Bone Crusher!

Fall in Love with the NHM

Monday, April 9th, 2012

To inspire the public’s connection to the Natural History Museum, Hello created Object of Affection, a whimsical and playful campaign that encourages fundraising by connecting visitors with the museum’s specimens and artifacts. The online gallery, which includes an eclectic range of items from a Mastodon foot to a Saber-Toothed cat skull, contains over 270 objects that donors may choose to sponsor.

We wanted to build a browsing experience that would cultivate people’s curiosity to explore and so to highlight the collection, we designed a visually rich experience that focuses on the distinctive nature of the items in a dynamic environment. The site is built with responsive web design, which allows the layout to automatically adapt to a variety of viewing environments, including web browser, tablet, or smartphone. This enhanced platform agnostic experience lets visitors navigate through the site with ease and echoes the fun spirit of the campaign. We also included a sharing feature so that donors who fall in love with an object can share their “love letters” on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and via e-mail.

Object of Affection is part of the NHM Next campaign, a makeover to take the museum into the 21st century and includes the addition of the North Campus, a Nature Lab, and the Becoming L.A. exhibit.



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