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Get Grillin’ with Tillamook’s Cheese’wich App

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Tillamook Cheese'wich App

We just released Cheese’wich, a Facebook app built for Tillamook that grills your face (or any image) onto a hot, gooey, grilled cheese sandwich.


To build buzz prior to launch, we targeted 100 social media influencers and tweeted sandwiches with a personal message from “Loafy,” Tillamook’s cheese loaf mascot. Celebrities like Drew Carey retweeted, James Beard award-winning chef, Laura Werlin, turned her Cheese’wich into her Facebook profile and maybe -just maybe, President Obama made himself a grilled cheese sandwich that night.

Resulting in a lot of chatter and an influx of Cheese’wich requests from fans, we eventually opened up for orders on Tillamook’s Facebook wall. Friends of Tillamook went wild.

We asked Scott Arenstein, Account Director, how this cheesy strategy was cooked up:

What was the thought process behind the Cheese’wich launch?

It originated out of wanting to start a conversation with people. What better way to say “Hi, we’re Tillamook” than to grill someone’s face on a grilled cheese sandwich? Additionally, a lot of apps are built and released on a daily basis so we wanted to launch this in a special way. By connecting Tillamook with celebrities and chefs, we brought Tillamook into the pop culture conversation.

What was successful about the strategy?

When we were testing the app and grilling faces, one of our designers grilled the cast of Jersey Shore. When others saw it they couldn’t help but give a little chuckle. Seeing your face on a grilled cheese sandwich just makes you smile. I think this playful approach is what really made the strategy effective. And it really reflects Tillamook–an approachable, happy brand.


What was your favorite part about this project?

It was fun to watch the project come to life and see the responses from both celebrities and Tillamook fans. My favorite fan comment was “I love it when the different segments of my life collide! @TillamookCheese @ConanOBrien.” – @ValZwald

Visit Tillamook’s Facebook page to get your own Cheese’wich.

Under Construction

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

hello design new studio

Hello has been growing at a rapid rate and we’ve been on a quest for a new agency space. We found a spot that is double the size of our current space and are happy to see our designs slowly come to life for our new office.

Since we designed and built all the previous Hello spaces, we were able to take the learnings from the first two spaces and apply it to our new one, figure out what works for us, and create a workplace that fosters creativity – especially when it comes to desk space.

We custom designed our desks to be integrated and equipped with an open power and data tray to avoid a wire nightmare on the floor. Desk spaces are given enough distance to hold informal meetings at each person’s area, which aren’t separated by cubicles or walls. With 20-foot ceilings and skylights, we are embracing an open studio. It’s about efficiency and transparency.

The new office is still under construction but here’s a sneak peek on our progress.



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