Breaking Down the Fence

Technology is taking the saying, “What’s mine is yours,” to a whole new level with many startups whose business model is based on people sharing and lending anything from skills to gadgets to extra space. SnapGoods and Airbnb are among some of many sites that allow people to share and exchange goods. The book, “What’s Mine is Yours” coming out this month illustrates the rise in collaborative consumption.

These services rely heavily on technology and social media in order to operate successfully. Since trust plays a huge role in these exchanges, social media comes into play where users are screened through their online presence to determine if they are reliable. There’s been an interesting shift in how technology is a main driver initiating interactivity between people, and encouraging peer-to-peer communication in an otherwise fast-paced world.

As designers who are constantly trying to create a better experience both digitally and in real life, we’ve recognized that the days when consumers were led to one static website to engage with a brand have long gone. People are now connecting with their peers, finding new places, and meeting new people digitally, which is why social media and geolocation are here to stay. We are thinking up ideas on how to use these tools to connect consumers with our clients’ brand, and bring that experience to life. Stay tuned for an upcoming project we’re launching next week that does just that.

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