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Sony Altus Nominated for a Webby

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

webby nominee

We’re happy to share that we’ve been nominated for the Webby Awards for Sony Altus, the online experience showcasing Sony’s wireless multi-room music system, also featured on the Sony Style blog. The People’s Voice Award polls are open today. Vote for us here and don’t forget to tweet your votes.

First in Line

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

iPadPlaying with the iPad at Hello.

The iPad is out and we’ve got two. Our test drives of the devices are generating a lot of new ideas for prototyping to take advantage of features like multi-touch, proximity sensors, and a larger screen. Stay tuned for updates.

Poll: The Mobile OS Battle

Monday, April 5th, 2010

While CTIA Wireless showcases the world’s latest mobile concepts and developments, this year there was a definite Android spotlight at the show. Some attendees even suggested calling the event “CTIAndroid.” However, there still isn’t a clear mobile OS leader in the industry. In terms of market share, iPhones stayed at 25% this month while Android increased by 5% – from 3.8% to 9%. Blackberry RIM still holds the most at 42%. We’d like to hear which mobile OS you think will dominate the market. Cast your vote below.

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What’s on Your Plate?

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

What’s On Your Plate?

One surefire way to tell when people at the office are swamped is when they start breaking out the Lean Cuisines and Hot Pockets for lunch. Stress levels are high when our candy bin starts running low. It’s understandable and we all go there from time to time.

Last night we saw “What’s on Your Plate?” a documentary at the Hammer Museum that made us step back and think about those occasional unhealthy lunches. The documentary follows two eleven-year-old girls in New York City as they explore and question food activists, farmers, storekeepers, and their families about processed food everywhere, from markets to school cafeterias. One of the girls, Sadie, has a family history of high cholesterol, which she overcomes throughout their discoveries about food from government-subsidized farms versus small, locally grown farms.

The documentary hammers home the point that if we care about our health and the small farms that grow local, fresh food, we need to shop at Farmers Markets or order produce from organizations like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) – which some of us at Hello do.

There are a good number of organic restaurants nearby that serve locally grown food, such as X’otik Kitchen and the Green Truck that’s only a phone call away. Every Tuesday there’s a Farmers Market in downtown Culver City. We enjoy the great produce and food selections there, but when projects pile up the visits to the Farmers Market dwindle. The film was a good reminder to be more mindful of what we put on our plate as well as the importance of local Farmers Markets – they provide healthy, natural food from local sources and promote community interaction, of which L.A. could always use more.



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