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The f8 conference took place yesterday, and the effects of Facebook’s new platform have been infiltrating the web – popping up on Yelp, probing for a thumbs up on CNN articles, and sharing your favorite artists on Pandora. So far Facebook has integrated plugins on over 75 websites, and this is how they’re doing it:

Universal “Like” – Facebook’s “like” button originally applied to status updates, photos, links, or videos shared on Facebook. Now the like button has extended to major websites such as the NYTimes, ABC, IMDb, Fandango, and USA Network. Once you like something (a movie, band, or place to eat) it will automatically add itself to your list of interests on your profile and start sending you news feed updates.

Activity Feed – When you’re logged into Facebook and visit  sites such as Levis.com or NHL.com, you will see a stream of articles and topics your friends have liked, enabling you to comment on selections such as a pair of jeans or an NHL team.

Recommendations – These lists reveal which articles on each web site your friends are sharing the most, basically a “most popular” list.

Integrating friends’ updates with news sites seems the obvious next step for Facebook since the trend has been that more and more users turn to Facebook for instant news updates versus actual news sources. However, some users will likely find it troublesome or annoying when liked sources are automatically added to their Facebook profiles, and start sending users notifications. Depending on how avid a Facebook user you are, this new platform could be the easiest way to share content with your network, or a pain in the neck that can only be removed by scouring through and updating a series of privacy settings.

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