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The Buzz on Google

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

google buzz

Since its release two weeks ago, we’ve been playing with Google Buzz. We’ve realized that the top five Buzz features could also be the top five Buzzkill features. Here’s why:

Gmail Integration

Yes: Buzz automatically sets itself up in Gmail requiring no additional paperwork from users, thus saving everyone some much appreciated time.
No: The automatic setup would be readily welcome by users interested in Buzz, but an irritation to those who aren’t, especially since the disable button is buried in your Gmail settings.

Easy Conversation

Yes:  Buzz updates can be sent to your email where you can reply directly.
No:  One of the most annoying features of Facebook is when your inbox gets bombarded with post updates. Prepare for more bombardment.

Buzz Mobile App

Yes:  The Buzz app lets you geotag your posts. You can share in real time AND share your current location.
No:  It is because users share too much information on the Internet that web sites such as Please Rob Me have taken effect. Do we really need to be sending out more personal information into the web?


Yes: Initially, Google picks who you follow. No more looking up names and adding.
No:  Unless you make your profile private, now the world can see your most frequent email correspondents. For most professionals, they’d like to keep that information private, thus igniting the privacy invasion scare.

Internet Integration

Yes:  One of Buzz’s main marketing tools is promoting its capability of integrating all social media outlets into one. Now we can share Flickr photos (in large view, too), YouTube videos, Twitter, and articles from Google Reader through one outlet.
No:  Is Buzz making social media and information management easier, or just creating another outlet that we have to check? All its sharing capabilities can be done through Facebook, and for most people, the number of Facebook friends is larger than Gmail contacts.

OTIS Inspires

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

The Otis College of Art and Design web site we designed is featured on siteInspire’s showcase in education, where sites were selected from around the world. See it here.

The Trophy Goes to…

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Herman Miller
Business-to-Business Websites – Merit

Hammer Museum
Consumer Websites – Merit

You Be The Driver
Games – Merit

HOW 2010 Design Annual

HOW Herman Miller Award

Thank you, HOW Design. We’ve been flipping through the hefty 2010 Design Annual, which features three of our client projects. Our winners include Herman Miller, designers of world-renowned furniture including the famous Aeron chair, the Hammer Museum, promoters of art diversity in Los Angeles, and You Be The Driver, which puts your F1 racing skills to the test.

MindSharing Love

Friday, February 19th, 2010

How do Dreamworks nerds and Nokia researchers analyze love? At last night’s amorous-themed MindShare, Jason Porath from Dreamworks Animation presented how he asked a girl out via PowerPoint backed by statistical data. Jan Chipchase took us around the world exploring how different countries sell and advertise libido products. We ended the night merging with our Internet personalities through the Cloud Mirror, an augmented reality art piece that digs out your Internet dirt when you step in front of its screen.

Another successful night of enlightened debauchery.

A Little Treat for your Screen

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

design quotes display

We like this design quotes screensaver from neography. On long days when your brain becomes as idle as your computer, these quotes kick things up a little in the noggin.

Print Comes Alive

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

WIRED’s new tablet application could trigger a revolution in the way readers interact with magazines.

The application allows readers to physically interact with print content, enhancing reader experience in ways that weren’t possible before. Articles come alive with the touch of a finger, launching videos, 3D animations, and even allowing 360-degree views of photos and products. Readers have quick access to all articles using the dual access navigation and can share articles through social media within seconds. As designers, we’re anticipating what the future of print can become as magazines incorporate digital technology. 2D photos with captions could soon be a thing of the past.

Warhol is a SXSW Finalist

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010


The Andy Warhol Foundation site we created has been selected as a SXSW 2010 Web Awards Finalist in the Art category. A People’s Choice Award is also given to the public’s favorite finalist. You can vote for it here.

The SXSW Interactive festival is from March 12-16th in Austin and looks like they have a great lineup of speakers this year with topics like “The Young and the Digital” and “What We Learned Watching Kids with Homemade Flamethrowers.”

One Show Interactive Finalist

Friday, February 12th, 2010

The site we designed for Herman Miller is a One Show Interactive finalist. Check it out here.

Eating Lean and Green

Friday, February 12th, 2010

We’re following the Green Truck on Twitter, counting down to when it stops at Hello for lunch today. It’s all about bettering the environment on the Green Truck, from organic ingredients, a solar powered commissary, to a truck that runs on vegetable oil. We can’t wait to bite down on the Mother Trucker vegan burger, or maybe a Helms Ave tuna sandwich.

the green truck

The truck has arrived.

The Awesome Bears Next Door

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Not your typical graffiti, you might have noticed graffiti animals on the streets of LA, cute enough to make the biggest road ragers smile. As Shepard Fairey’s former assistant at Obey Giant’s Studio Number One, Philip Lumbang’s bears, coined awesome bears, are his signature style. Check out this timelapse video we made of Phil painting the mural next door at teaforest.



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