LA Phil’s Bravo Gustavo Launches


Ever wonder what it’s like to conduct a first-rate orchestra? Here’s your chance with the Bravo Gustavo game. Cue in the correct section of the orchestra and rack up your points–can you earn Super Maestro status?

We launched this game as part of an overall campaign to welcome Gustavo Dudamel who takes over as the LA Phil’s Music Director this year. The site features exclusive video (cool interview of Gustavo and composer John Adams), Gustavo’s Deutsche Grammophon recordings, and the Bravo Gustavo iPhone app.


The app allows you to choose a piece of music by the LA Phil and then conduct in real time using the accelerometer to adjust tempo. Conduct fast, conduct slow–you are in control of the orchestra. (If you’re shy you can tap the screen.)

Download the app.

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