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Loving What You Do

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

We opened our studio to a UCLA design class today and had a lively discussion about, basically, loving what you do. We shared our two cents on how choosing “the right industry” winds down to what you’re passionate about. We hope showing some of our work and insight with them sparked some inspiration.

ucla class visit

Sony Altus Wins FWA

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Sony Altus, our video-driven microsite, won the FWA Site of the Day award. We did a fully integrated campaign for Sony to announce the launch of their new product line, the Altus wireless music systems. The campaign included many facets of media from print, to an interactive web site and video, to in-store kiosk experiences for Best Buy and Sony Style stores.

sony altus fwa


Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Having seen numerous references of Gustavo Dudamel as the “Dude” I knew it was a just a matter of time once our iPhone app launched that someone would reference the app as “iDude”. But it’s always nice to see some mentions and good reviews–Gizmodo, Yahoo! Games, LA Times, The Guardian, Creativity, Boing Boing, and the iDude-referencing blog ArtsJournal all featured the app in the first couple of days after launch.


Bravo Gustavo app has also been chosen as an iTunes Store Staff Favorites.

LA Phil’s Bravo Gustavo Launches

Thursday, September 24th, 2009


Ever wonder what it’s like to conduct a first-rate orchestra? Here’s your chance with the Bravo Gustavo game. Cue in the correct section of the orchestra and rack up your points–can you earn Super Maestro status?

We launched this game as part of an overall campaign to welcome Gustavo Dudamel who takes over as the LA Phil’s Music Director this year. The site features exclusive video (cool interview of Gustavo and composer John Adams), Gustavo’s Deutsche Grammophon recordings, and the Bravo Gustavo iPhone app.


The app allows you to choose a piece of music by the LA Phil and then conduct in real time using the accelerometer to adjust tempo. Conduct fast, conduct slow–you are in control of the orchestra. (If you’re shy you can tap the screen.)

Download the app.

Let’s MindShare

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Today our friend Adam, one of the founders of MindShare, invited us to come to their event. MindShare is an underground night of “enlightened debauchery” where the keenest of innovative thought followers go to learn about topics like Twitter/Facebook Dating, Gestural Interfaces, Bizarre Christmas Traditions – you get the picture.

We really enjoyed Steen Strand’s talk from ICON Aircraft where he gave us a glimpse of what future personal aviation might look like. During the talks, people could text their thoughts to the stage, which got especially interesting during Charu’s talk on tantric meditation.

Take a deserted warehouse in downtown LA, throw in some interesting people, and a taco truck, and you’ve got a MindShare.


Behind the Scenes – Sony Altus

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Go behind the scenes of the Sony Altus video shoot we directed.

Music Everywhere, Wires Nowhere

Monday, September 14th, 2009

sony altus kiosk

A Sony Altus kiosk at Best Buy.

As part of our integrated campaign for the launch of Sony Altus music systems, we created in-store kiosk experiences for over 1,000 Best Buy stores. An interactive guide helps users choose the right products by asking a series of questions.

sony altus kiosk

sony altus kiosk

sony altus kiosk

The kiosks were also put in Sony Style stores that use motion control sensors, enabling interaction with the wave of a hand.

Discover your perfect match and make your purchase– all without scavenging the store for an employee. Check out the kiosks in your neighborhood Best Buy or Sony Style stores.

Go, Kart, Go!

Monday, September 7th, 2009

k1 speed

We went go kart racing at K1 Speed today. Instead of gas-powered karts, they use electric ones that can accelerate up to 45 mph! Helmets were required, which was good because at one point Hiro’s car ended up on top of David’s. Luckily with the flip of a switch, they can stop the karts so no one gets hurt.

k1 speed

I guess we really needed these helmets.

After the first race Abbey said, “I’m hugging the corners so I don’t get hit. I don’t want to die!” but by lap 10 she was going full throttle. Congrats to the winners circle!

k1 speed

Heat 1: Justin took 1st, Erich 2nd, and George 3rd.

k1 speed

Heat 2: Szu Ann took 1st, Eunice 2nd, and Jacky 3rd.



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