Serious Play

This year’s Art Center Design Conference was titled “SERIOUS PLAY.” Speakers included John Maeda (formerly of the MIT Media Lab), Phillip Rosedale (creator of Second Life), Paula Scher (Pentagram), David Macaulay (The Way Things Work), Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside), and Eames Demetrios (Eames Office). One of the most enjoyable talks was by John Oliver from The Daily Show, funny guy.

Outside the Art Center College of Design – South Campus in Pasadena

We also got a chance to participate in a hands-on studio session with Tim Brown (President and CEO of IDEO) focused on redesigning airport security. Granted it was a very hard task to accomplish in 2 hours, the exercise gave us all a nice insight into the IDEO design process and how to get people to collaborate and brainstorm.

My group acting out some of the airport security scenarios.

One of the group’s prototype for airport security made with Playmobil toys.

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